Here is my list of the basic equipment I consider to be essential in the kitchen – stuff that simply makes the job easier. These are the things that I use most frequently, and certainly these things will be helpful to you if you intend to make recipes on this blog. It drives me mad when I buy a cook book that expects me to have fifty different sized cake tins, pie tins etc. So, I try my best to create recipes using just a handful of tins – and I will tell you where I got them.

Hopefully this will be a great starting point for anyone venturing into the wonderful, rewarding world of baking for the first time, and possibly students and other people having to fend for themselves in a new abode!

I will be adding sections to this list as I discover my next must-have item, so keep an eye on it!


[Coming soon: Bakeware, Utensils, Accessories]

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