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Vegan Lemon Polenta Cake

Forgive my potentially excitable rambling – I’ve spent this past weekend jubilantly doing just that to anyone who’d listen – but I know you will understand!

Thursday 29th October saw the release of Nigella Lawson’s 12th cookbook – the brilliantly titled Cook, Eat, Repeat. A new release from Nigella is always a joy, but this one is particularly special for me, as it features one of my recipes! The exhilarating experience of seeing my name, recipe and even a mention of this blog nestled within the pages of this beautiful book is a dream come true.

The recipe in question is for a vegan lemon polenta cake. Some of you will know that I LOVE veganising Nigella recipes (I use the hashtag #veganisingnigella a lot over on the @foodim app) and I get a real kick out of seeing what works and what doesn’t (“seitham” in cola still makes me snort with laughter but I haven’t given up just yet) and this particular cake was one of the easiest conversions. It just worked. Nigella’s original recipe is an elegantly zingy classic; this one was very faithfully reworked to be egg free, dairy free and also, amazingly, gluten free. Yet it tastes absolutely glorious; a near-universal pleaser, to quote Nigella!

The full recipe – and gorgeous accompanying photographs by Jonathan Lovekin (obviously worlds apart from my iPhone pics here!) is available in Cook, Eat, Repeat – which, by the way, truly is an instant classic; it is cosy and warm and encouraging – everything we need right now in these turbulent times. It also features an abundance of vegan recipes and Nigella also provides tips for veganising a few recipes that aren’t vegan in their original form, which feels like a very pleasingly forward-thinking move.

It’s really hard to put my gratitude into words. Without a doubt, Nigella is my favourite food writer; her beautiful books have inspired and nurtured my love of food and baking for many years. To find myself included in her latest work fills me with pride and other-worldly elation! I’m truly on cloud nine. Thank you, Nigella.


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