Vegan Vanilla French Toast

This is my little girl’s new favourite weekend breakfast! It’s even knocked Perfectly Fluffy Banana Pancakes from the top spot, which has frankly shocked us all.

It’s taken me a long time to try my hand at vegan French toast, but I’m very glad I finally did. I love to use vanilla Alpro yoghurt to make mine; it gives a fabulously eggy/custardy richness but any plain yoghurt will work – just add some vanilla to it.

I’m quite heavy handed with the cinnamon – more is more as far as I’m concerned – so if you prefer a more subtle French toast, just use a little less. I also add a tiny pinch of kala namak salt which lends a distinctly eggy vibe – but feel free to leave it out.

This recipe makes enough for six slices of French toast, which is just perfect for us three:

6 slices of bread (a crusty white or something like tiger bread gives the best results but any bread will work)
270g vanilla Alpro yogurt (or plain plus 2 tsp vanilla paste/extract)
90ml non-dairy milk (any)
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
1/4 tsp ground nutmeg
Tiny pinch of turmeric and kala namak salt (optional; for enhanced yellow hue and eggy flavour)

Serve generously buttered with vegan butter (Flora Buttery is fab) and plenty of maple syrup, berries, bananas and all your favourite things.

Slice up your bread then combine all the other ingredients in a shallow, flat-bottomed bowl until smooth. Soak both sides of bread while you warm up a frying pan. You can use oil or vegan butter to make the French toast (I prefer butter).

Fry for 3-4 minutes or until really golden then carefully flip it and fry the other side. While it is frying, pop the next slice of bread into the bowl to soak. Continue until the yogurt mixture is used up and all slices have been fried.

Serve hot with lashings of butter, syrup and fruit.

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